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Website & E-mail Newsletter Design
Do you need a professional website or an attention-grabbing email newsletter? HelixPoint LLC™ develops custom-built websites and HTML-format emails (newsletters, advertisements, etc), all specifically designed to be attractive and helpful to your customers.

Macromedia Flash® is no stranger to us as well. If you need that animated touch to impress your future clients, HelixPoint LLC™ can storyboard and design a Flash site or intro to suit all your interactive needs.

Print Design
We at HelixPoint™ also offers a wide range of print services. Do you need a professional looking logo or an attention-grabbing brochure? HelixPoint LLC. develops a variety of print projects. We can design anything from black and white newspaper ads to wedding invitations. All of which are specifically designed to be attractive and helpful to your customers.

List of Design Services
Websites (Flash and HTML)
E-mail Newsletters
Banner Ads
Flash CD's
Full Corporate Identity Packages (Logo & Stationery design)
Sale Sheets
Annual Reports
Direct Mailers
Wedding Invitations

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