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Overview Programming Ecommerce Design

Companies are realizing the advantages of a web presence to gain an edge over their competition. We understand that each company has different needs. Helixpoint has expert web consultants that will sit down with you and help you to define a solution that best fits those needs. Helixpoint's web design group will create a professional design that will compliment your business. Helixpoint's web developers will develop a solution that will help you Web-enable strategic applications that improve access, delivery, and integration across existing enterprise systems. Most companies will stop there, but Helixpoint does not believe in the "Develop and Run" strategy. Our goal is to make your web site succeed. We do this by defining your target audience and optimizing your site to reach that target audience. Our search engine optimization team will strategically sculpt each page to increase web visitor counts by ranking very high in the results of searches using the most appropriate keywords describing the content of your site. And most important of all, after the project is finished, we will be there if you run into questions or problems with you site.

Helixpoint's page design competencies include:
Superior creative design capabilities
HTML and DHTML coding and page construction.
Flash Development and animation.
Audio and Video streaming.
Expertise in Microsoft .Net solutions as well as traditional
Microsoft ASP.
Microsoft SQL database server
Full e-commerce and database programming capabilities.
3D presentations and virtual tours.
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